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Fashion f*** ups

Too thight pants,isn't it?
Man in skinny jeans

Muffin top
Hey guys,
so today I have  serious theme to talk about. It's fashion f*** ups.
This things are everywhere..
In your school,on the stereet,even in your family.
It's kind of big problem(ok,I know that there is more problems.. like tornados,earthquakes,hunger,wars..)
But,when you see some f*** up it's not nice.
Many people are making those.Maybe I'm doing them too,but I don't see that.
So some of them are:

Leggings w/ short top:
I mean realy! It ugly and discusting to see. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR!What's the point of wearing that? o.O
It's okay to be in house in that,when you know that you're not going out! This is probbably happening in your school,also in mine.

Men in skinny jeans:
So,this men should let to women..
I mean realy! Skinny jeans on men!?
If you ever wore skinny jeans and  u are man,you shouldn't do  that again.

 Muffin top:Whether you’re a size 2 or 12, you can be the victim of muffin top. When your pants are too snug and your shirt is too tight, that bulge appears and it’s enough to make anyone cringe in embarrassment for you.

Super Tight Pants: 
There’s nothing wrong with form fitting garments (who doesn’t want to show their curves?) but there’s a limit. If your pants are  giving you serious camel toe, that means they’re way too tight. And it’s seriously distracting for others.
Those Fashion No No's are happening all the time,if you ever did some of this please stop. Share this and make our world beautyer.


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