петак, 01. фебруар 2013.

Hellooo! :DD

I finally got some time to write here,so this will be some kind of intro for our blog.
As you can see by the name of blog account this will be fashion/beauty blog.
So,we are Jojo and Candy.
We are here to show you how to make some cute outfits,awesome DIY and even maybe make-up tutorial. :D
I,Jojo, have some ideas for enproving this blog to something like YT channel. If  you ever wached any YT video or if you ever followed work of some guru,you probabbly know that they have and hauls and outfuts of the week and monthly favourites,so I'll try tommorow to upload blog with my monthly favourites. :D

I hope we will have loats of fun.. :D

JoJo :D

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