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Review-Oriflame HairX Dry Shampoo

  Finally weekend. So I decided to write review on new Oriflame HairX Dry Shampoo.. So if you follow me on Instagram(link is down) you probabbly saw my instahaul.
Packing- Remindes me,actually it's same as deodorant bottle.For me it's ok.Handy to trow in ur purse and don't think about getting it all over ur stuff.
Smell- I love the smell of it.Sense is really nice and refreshing. If u want just to make ur hair nice smelling this is perfect. Words I would use to explane it is:green and fresh. Idk it some kind of flowers.Smell  stays pretty long in room/bathroom(and in ur hair) after using it,it's that strong. 
Useage-You spray it on dry hair,brush out and u are ready too go.
Oil upsoarbing power- I personanly don't see the diference after using it.But my BFF said that my hair looked cleaner. Maybe it's my hair and maybe it the product. I guess the whole point of this product is to upsoarbing oilnes form hair,but that just doesn't happend. 
Anyway and after using it i need to put my hair in pony tail or bun. That would I do and without using it.

 Volume-I feel like it just puts my hair down and it's really bad. 
What I like about it: 
  •        Smell,
  •       Packing

What I don't like: 

  •   It gives no volume
  • Upsoarb oil really bad

    Did u use this product? What do u think about it? Comment down below and let me now. :D

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You can find this product on Oriflame  or in Oriflame catalog.

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