уторак, 23. април 2013.

Nova CC krema?

  Nakon popularnih BB krema led na tržištu probija i novi CC trend. Najnovija generacija multifunkcionalnih krema dubinski neguju kožu, no ujedno imaju i sve odlike savršenog make-upa....
Kreme “color control” su poboljšana i profinjenija verzija BB krema – “blemish balm”. BB kreme su matirane i tonirane hidratantne kreme za negu kože. Neke od njih sadrže i silikone koji kožu čine glatkom...
CC kreme imaju bitno lakšu teksturu te se bolje stapaju s prirodnom bojom tena, a koža ih mnogo brže upija. Sastojci koji neguju i hrane kožu mnogo su kvalitetniji i nežniji poput ekstrakta belog i zelenog čaja i ulja makadamije te su CC kreme bogate antioksidansima.
Obnavljaju ćelije i ujednačavaju ten
Nove CC kreme zadržavaju sva dobra negujuća svojstva BB krema, no dodani su im i novi hranjivi sastojci. Ujedno regenerišu kožu te savršeno prekrivaju nedostatke i ujednačavaju ten.
Na pola puta između hidratantne kreme i pudera
Prema svojstvima BB kreme su između toniranih, hidratantnih krema i gustih tekućih pudera, a CC kreme sličnije su lakšim, toniranim primerima koji se nanose kao podloga za puder.
Pore se sužavaju, a sunce manje oštećuje ćelije
Naslednice BB krema takođe moćnije štite kožu od UVA i UVB zraka. CC formule uz to sužavaju pore i obnavljaju kožu te se savršeno stapaju s tenom.
Širi izbor nijansi od BB krema
Ženama izrazito svetlog ili tamnog tena boje BB krema ne odgovaraju. Iako ni CC kreme ne nude više nijansi, one se bolje stapaju s prirodnom bojom te jedna nijansa kreme odgovara čitavom nizu nijansi kože.

недеља, 24. фебруар 2013.

Fashion f*** ups

Too thight pants,isn't it?
Man in skinny jeans

Muffin top
Hey guys,
so today I have  serious theme to talk about. It's fashion f*** ups.
This things are everywhere..
In your school,on the stereet,even in your family.
It's kind of big problem(ok,I know that there is more problems.. like tornados,earthquakes,hunger,wars..)
But,when you see some f*** up it's not nice.
Many people are making those.Maybe I'm doing them too,but I don't see that.
So some of them are:

Leggings w/ short top:
I mean realy! It ugly and discusting to see. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR!What's the point of wearing that? o.O
It's okay to be in house in that,when you know that you're not going out! This is probbably happening in your school,also in mine.

Men in skinny jeans:
So,this men should let to women..
I mean realy! Skinny jeans on men!?
If you ever wore skinny jeans and  u are man,you shouldn't do  that again.

 Muffin top:Whether you’re a size 2 or 12, you can be the victim of muffin top. When your pants are too snug and your shirt is too tight, that bulge appears and it’s enough to make anyone cringe in embarrassment for you.

Super Tight Pants: 
There’s nothing wrong with form fitting garments (who doesn’t want to show their curves?) but there’s a limit. If your pants are  giving you serious camel toe, that means they’re way too tight. And it’s seriously distracting for others.
Those Fashion No No's are happening all the time,if you ever did some of this please stop. Share this and make our world beautyer.


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Dress like...

Dress like...

Dress like Carly Rae Japsen

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петак, 22. фебруар 2013.

Review-Oriflame HairX Dry Shampoo

  Finally weekend. So I decided to write review on new Oriflame HairX Dry Shampoo.. So if you follow me on Instagram(link is down) you probabbly saw my instahaul.
Packing- Remindes me,actually it's same as deodorant bottle.For me it's ok.Handy to trow in ur purse and don't think about getting it all over ur stuff.
Smell- I love the smell of it.Sense is really nice and refreshing. If u want just to make ur hair nice smelling this is perfect. Words I would use to explane it is:green and fresh. Idk it some kind of flowers.Smell  stays pretty long in room/bathroom(and in ur hair) after using it,it's that strong. 
Useage-You spray it on dry hair,brush out and u are ready too go.
Oil upsoarbing power- I personanly don't see the diference after using it.But my BFF said that my hair looked cleaner. Maybe it's my hair and maybe it the product. I guess the whole point of this product is to upsoarbing oilnes form hair,but that just doesn't happend. 
Anyway and after using it i need to put my hair in pony tail or bun. That would I do and without using it.

 Volume-I feel like it just puts my hair down and it's really bad. 
What I like about it: 
  •        Smell,
  •       Packing

What I don't like: 

  •   It gives no volume
  • Upsoarb oil really bad

    Did u use this product? What do u think about it? Comment down below and let me now. :D

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You can find this product on Oriflame  or in Oriflame catalog.

петак, 08. фебруар 2013.

OOTD-Red and gray

So,this outfit I wore on Monday. :D Day was really sunny and bright.Because of my bad camera,you can't see good actuall color,but it's nice vibrant red. :D
I wore my hair natural.
So I wore red sweater,gray pants,black leather jacket and my ankle booties.For assecorize I had my owl necklace. This outfit you could wear on Valentine's day. :D

My links:
Twitter- https://twitter.com/JojoB05
Instagram- http://instagram.com/jojob05

My stuff-
Red sweater-http://www.sheinside.com/Red-Round-Neck-Broken-Stripe-Sweater-p-95824-cat-1734.html   http://www.stylebop.com/product_details.php?id=348511&campaign=affiliate/linkshare/usa/&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=linkshare&utm_campaign=adsus&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-w9KaLE1WnVde8gr9quQknQ
Gray pants-http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/337314?cm_mmc=LinkshareUS-_-Hy3bqNL2jtQ-_-Custom-_-LinkBuilder&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-URZuQD_41t4efYNCHgzIQA

Ankle Booties- http://www.obuca.net/zenske-cizme-poluduboke-cizme-lh21221-camel
Owl necklace-http://misschicboutique.co.uk/necklaces/54-tribal-multi-coloured-owl-necklace.html
Black leather jacket-http://www.reiss.com/rw/womens/womens-new-arrivals/bryony/black/?utm_source=LinkShareUS&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=Hy3bqNL2jtQ

субота, 02. фебруар 2013.

January favourites

 Hey,guys, as I promesed here's my month favourites.Fist,let's start with Oriflame Hand & Nail Cream ,  so I'm cind of opssesed with my hands having nice smell,so I alway need to put some hand cream,and this month my fave was this one,,it so cool.Its moisturising and nails carring cream. Oriflame Floral Collection Shower Cream  is also awesome product for showering,nice floral smell,I love it. Um,very nice and leaves my skin with nice smell.. So,for this month my favourite hair shampoo was  Garnier Ultra Duox-Shea butter and Avocado.   Very nice smell,love the constincency(I guess u write it like that) and it keeps my hair clean for few days,idk I wash it every 4 days.Awesome product,anyway. Next is Oriflame Tender Care  Unisversal balsam-Cheery.This one,not the one I'm using now,but same thing,only in clasic, my mom bought when I was 5 or 6 years.I remember that I loved it.So,when I saw tat they have it in offer now,I decided to purchace it again.I  was using only for lips,but it's universal. Awesome thing for skin,too.Overal grat prouduct.I would totally repurchace it. :D
Londessa Flert Protein Nail Polish in some brown color  I,acctualy, don't know color number,cas I took it off. I was all the time repainting my nails. So beautiful color,and if u follow me on Instagram,u probably have seen this.I love it.
So this month I went little bit necklace crazy. First one is this blue statement piece. I got it for Christmas from school. So idk where they got it. You have how I combine it.
Next one is my Peter Pan collar,I bought it in local butique store.                                                                      Next one are my owl necklaces! OMB! I love them sooo soo much. I got them for Christmas.
Then next one is my Christmas sweater. Wich I've been wearing like crazy,also, there are my 
Safran Ankle Booties  from , I'll link it down below(If I found it).Anyway let's move on to non-beauty favotrites. 

Non-beauty favourites

So for this month I don't have much food favourites,there's actually only  one, and that is Wellness cookies with chocolate chips.They are sooo delicious. U can find it anywhere,at Maxi or Idea,or every other groceries store. And my favourite song/music album was  Believe Acoustic by Justin Biber, and I love all the songs from there,and there is Nothing like Us .Gosh,he sounds so,so sad,I just want to hug him thight.<3
My favourite movie was
Pitch Perfect. It;s so,so cool. :D Then we have my favourite TV show and that is totally The Carrie Diaries!OMB! It's soo freaking cool,I can't wait monday,that's the only reason I love monday,because of  TCD.. :D So

this is all for my January favourites. Now I'll link all these things,or I'll link similar to them(sweater and necklaces) cas' they are from local botique or I've got them for X-mas.
Love ya,guys,and see u in next blog...
xoxo,Jojo. <3
Oriflame Nail & Hand Cream:
Oriflame Floral Collection Shower cream: http://rs.oriflame.com/products/product-detail.jhtml?prodCode=23714  Blue statment necklace : http://www.bandhu.eu/index.php/bracelets/necklaces/statement-necklace-cobalt-blue-plain-silver.html http://glitzythings.com/fashion-jewelry/necklaces/zara-statement-necklace-royal-blue.html                

Oriflame Tender Care Cherry :  http://rs.oriflame.com/products/product-detail.jhtml?prodCode=22879                                   Owl necklace colorful: http://misschicboutique.co.uk/necklaces/54-tribal-multi-coloured-owl-necklace.html          
Owl necklace bronze: http://www.amazon.com/Acczilla-Lovely-Nickel-Textured-Pendant/dp/B005RSSXLS
Christamas Sweater:http://www.christmassweaters.co.uk/apres-ski-xmas-purple-and-white-womens-christmas-jumper-sweater-fairisle-made-in-the-uk/   Ankle Booties Safranhttp://www.obuca.net/zenske-cizme-poluduboke-cizme-lh21221-camel
Believe Acoutic by Justin Bieber https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/believe-acoustic/id589739974


петак, 01. фебруар 2013.

Hellooo! :DD

I finally got some time to write here,so this will be some kind of intro for our blog.
As you can see by the name of blog account this will be fashion/beauty blog.
So,we are Jojo and Candy.
We are here to show you how to make some cute outfits,awesome DIY and even maybe make-up tutorial. :D
I,Jojo, have some ideas for enproving this blog to something like YT channel. If  you ever wached any YT video or if you ever followed work of some guru,you probabbly know that they have and hauls and outfuts of the week and monthly favourites,so I'll try tommorow to upload blog with my monthly favourites. :D

I hope we will have loats of fun.. :D

JoJo :D